In honor of Pvt. Nathan R. Oakes, CSA

150 years ago, my great grandfather, Nathan Richardson Oakes, served as a private in Company D of the distinguished 32nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment in the Army of Tennessee. He participated in the great Civil War campaigns, including the battles of Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville, and Bentonville. I am writing about his engagements as well as some details about fighting for the Lost Cause. I hope to honor him and commemorate the events and individuals that contributed to making this a renowned unit in the Confederate Army of Tennessee.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gen. Mark P. Lowrey is given command of Wood's Brigade

Although he apparently performed well at the Battle of Chickamauga, Brig. Gen. S.A.M. Wood was not mentioned in his superiors' reports after the battle. Taking it as a snub, and in balance with other hard feelings he must have had, the general resigned his position on this date in 1863.

A few days before, Col. Mark P. Lowrey, who commanded Great Grandfather Oakes's 32nd Mississippi Regiment, had been promoted to brigadier general for his brave actions during the Battle of Chickamauga. With Wood's departure, Lowrey was given command of the brigade. Henceforth, it will be known as "Lowrey's Brigade" of Cleburne's Division. Lowrey's Regiment, the 32nd/45th Consolidated, is left in the temporary command of Company D's Capt. F.S. Norman, who is also Acting Major of the regiment. Other commanders will temporary lead the 32nd/45th Consolidated until the arrival of Col. Aaron B. Hardcastle in November.

During this same period, Cleburne's Division is further reorganized. Liddell's Brigade was returned to Cleburne, but after Liddell was transferred, the brigade was placed under the command of Daniel Govan. J.A. Smith was given command of Deshler's Brigade, whose commander was killed on the second day at Chickamauga. Hiram Granbury's Regiment was placed under Smith's reformed brigade. Also, the commander of the corps, Lt. Gen. Daniel Hill, bid his farewell of the Army of Tennessee on the 18th.

In late October, Cleburne's Division, including the reorganized Lowrey's Brigade, was moved about a mile south along Missionary Ridge, between Shallow Ford Road, which crossed the ridge about 4 miles from the north end, and Gen. Bragg's headquarters on the crest of the ridge, 5 miles from the north end.

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